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Have an interesting logistical challenge? You’ve come to the right place! At Intelligent Logistics we believe there is very little that can’t be done if we have the right information to plan accordingly – and we’ve proven that time and time again. From white glove handling to special rollouts to custom delivery requirements, we can handle all of the logistical details from beginning to end.

Our special project services include:

  • Asset recovery and reverse logistics
  • Packing, crating and special handling
  • Unpacking, installation preparation, and packaging debris removal
  • Pickup and delivery to an office or a desk-specific location
  • Date and time-specific delivery
  • Garment on hanger
  • Tradeshow and exhibition management
  • Entertainment media logistics
  • Consolidation services
  • Logistics consulting

Want to learn more?  Here are some recent examples of projects we’ve handled:

Helping Our Customer Beat the Competition

A large hospital system with hundreds of sites was doing a system-wide refresh of printers, computers, and monitors across the country. They required that all equipment be consolidated and delivered at specific times and dates to each station without any boxes, Styrofoam, wire ties, packing materials or manuals. We designed a solution that was first tested in a pilot program across multiple sites in three regions of the U.S. The outcome was considered a home run, and allowed our customer to beat out a Fortune 20 company for the remainder of the locations utilizing our logistics solution.

Keeping Product on the Shelves During the Busiest Buying Season

A manufacturing customer had a rollout at Thanksgiving of software going to every Wal-Mart, Target, Office Max, Office Depot, Best Buy and other big box retailers in the U.S. The product was being manufactured in four U.S. locations and one in Canada, and all of the product needed to be delivered to the individual stores the week before Thanksgiving to be available on Black Friday. However, manufacturing delays occurred and the entire schedule was thrown off. Intelligent Logistics literally worked around the clock from October through January arranging many thousands of LTL and FTL shipments with a dynamic schedule that was constantly varying with less than eight hours notice. We also managed the more orderly shipment process of full truckloads going to the retail distribution centers with replenishment stock through April. Our flexibility and around-the-clock support was highlighted as key for the project’s success.

Keeping Confidential Materials Secure At Every Step

A customer was doing a computer systems refresh of servers and computers that had extremely sensitive data – just one legacy computer falling into the wrong hands could have significant, terrible consequences. We designed a solution that was replicated across the country where every single piece of equipment was literally under physical lock and key at all times with a security signoff process of everyone who touched it. Intelligent Logistics was able to provide this service all the way from the user’s desk to the final destination across the country where each asset could be logged against the open items list and a certificate of destruction issued once the unit was shredded. There were zero losses on tens of thousands of pieces of equipment, and one very happy customer.

Making a Complex Project Simple

An education customer was doing a systems refresh across many dozens of campuses on a lease return. All of the equipment needed to be recovered from multiple locations, counted, sorted and then returned to the leasing company several states away in an orderly and cost-effective manner. We created a specialized solution that solved the need, made the process very simple, and provided exactly what the customer needed. This customer subsequently continued to work with us on an ongoing basis based on their experience.

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